Dairy? No Whey!


There are certain things that have been an integral part of our day-to-day routine; for the most part it starts with a dairy and ends with it. But how sure are you about your qualification to take it? Well, it’s simple. You are reading this, so you are certainly unqualified. Dairy is nature’s perfect food you say, yes it is. But only if you are a CALF.

Our parents and predecessors have laid a foundation on milk as the primary source of energy and the essence of everyday morning. There was no scope for a discussion on that. It was ridiculed if not agreed upon. It is still amusing to think of how generation after generation we were being blindfolded by not the facts, but the practises that had been followed. Education for all has led to understanding the practises rather than follow them as such. This is certainly leading us to the paradigm shift of a healthy living and less killing; although the process is considerably slow and unapologetically naive.

Simply put, the dairy industry has been committing what possibly is the most unacceptable form of animal cruelty. It may look more offensive while reading or highly dramatic. But the truth is, the process of milk generation and extraction from dairy cows, if revealed, could potentially turn the notion of “Got Milk?” upside down and could help abandon the whole “Drink milk to stay healthy” adduce.

Out of curiosity, has it never occurred that no other mammals cross-feed on a regular basis?

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