About Soyvita

Back in 2003, when Soyvita was still only a thought, we knew we were choosing a niche line to dive into. We had one direction and we were digging up research that sometimes dated back to 40 years ago or as early as the day before.

Soyvita was built for those humans who refrain from consuming milk. They could be doing it because it causes harm to them or to the earth. Either way, they’re contributing to a cause and we wanted to provide for them.

There are certain benefits associated with dairy and the common myth is it is irreplaceable. Soyvita set out bust that very myth. Although dairy can be good, there is no need to recklessly exploit another livingbeing. And that is how the idea of using soybeans came about. One we realised that the soy protein isolate is comparable to milk, meat and eggs, there was no looking back.

The brand and its products have been curated especially for lactose intolerant people, vegans, pregnant or lactating mothers and senior citizens.


What We Do

So far, it’s rather obvious what we work with. We have a sophisticated system to blend the soy beans and to get the protein extract from it. We then modify this protein product with additional carbohydrates and flavours, to make it easy and light on the tongue. We are currently at 9 variants and though it may not seem like much, it is safe to say that there is something in it for everyone.

The flavours chosen are also not random choices we picked off the top of our head. We chose flavours that would work best with the soy, blend with it and add an essence to it.We wanted flavours that would rank our drinks as the preferred morning hot or cold beverge. Ranging from green tea to malt to chocolate to vanilla, there’s always that one pick that works just right for you.

But, Why Would People Not Want Milk?

In plain thought, people refrain from drinking milk for two reasons. It’s either because they cannot or because they choose not to.

The ones that cannot drink milk are called lactose intolerant. It’s a fancy way of saying your small intestine isn’t breaking down milk like it’s supposed to. If you are lactose-intolerant, you’d have figured it out early. You could develop serious allergic reactions to milk or have severe nausea and bloating. It doesn’t make for a pretty sight.

The other kind of people are the ones who refrain from consuming milk for personal or ethical reason. While the thought is frequently put under the knife, there’s no denying that these people are sometimes deprived of a choice in the beverages department. Soyvita wanted to turn that around for them.

How Do You ‘Drink’ soy?

As weird as it may sound to you, this is what we chose to build our brand on. Drinking a power packed, protein infused, fibrous meal is never a bad idea. Take a bit our product, dissolve it in 200ml of water and viola! There’s wholesome protein drink right there.

There’s nothing else you need to add. No sugar, no milk, literally nothing else goes in except our product and water. You can consume it at any point during the day, there are no restrictions on health. Anyone from any age group can consume it without a sweat.

An Honest Thought To End With

We at Soyvita are not set out to make tall claims or to make profits like any regular company. We are and always will strive to make a difference in the way the world eats.The smallest of thoughts can cause the largest impact and we wanted to start with the whole world.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all leave a dirty mark on the planet. If one little sacrifice on our end can mean a huge change someday, why wait? As a brand, Soyvita will never stop trying to authentic, tested and responsible products.

As humans, we believe that the things we don’t see do not affect us. Your heart, your cholesterol level, the earth, the environment-all of these can undergo serious changes depending on your consumption pattern. A smart thing to do would be to start noticing the little changes right now. If only we give ourselves the chance to see what could go wrong, we’re going to put some work into being right.