The Soyvita Way.


For over 16 years, we’ve been making soy taste good while being kinder to the people, the planet and the animal kingdom. Because let’s face it, something that destroys the planet and non-human animals who live on it can never nourish your body. It was our idea in the 90s to create something that was better than dairy protein while being better for the planet, animals and the people who consume it. And today, it is our idea to create the best soy-based nutrition that you can take home and treat your body to without spending a fortune.

We believe that our purpose as a brand is to make it easy for people who can’t consume dairy and for people who refuse to, due to ethical, environmental and personal reasons, to find a healthier alternative to nutrition obtained from cows, without taxing the planet’s resources. In fact, our practices work to respect all lives. Our production consumes significantly less water and land, and emits negligible amounts of CO2 when compared to the production of dairy-based nutrition. In tune with our philosophy, we made sure that even the boxes we use to pack our products are biodegradable. Which means that they can go back to where they came from – Mother Earth.

If you’re still not convinced and the whole concept of extracting the nutrients directly from soy instead of processing it through a cow sounds weird to you, consider this: the world is in need of a revolution and we’re making it easy for people to make the shift. Our goal is and always has been to create nutrition that has maximum nutritional value with minimal environmental impact. We are not there yet. We are striving to get there. We are not perfect. But our intentions are pure. Welcome. We think you’ll like it here.

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